As with all of our other culinary fare, we make all of our evening menu items in our onsite kitchens every day from locally sourced ingredients. As well, we provide a variety of options to accommodate any style of evening event or reception, whether it requires hors d’oeuvres, a plated dinner or a buffet.

All prices quoted are per person and subject to change without notice. As well, prices are subjected to HST and 18% function administration fee.

All of our prix fixe plated dinners are served with your choice of coffee and tea as well as an assortment of breads and butter.

Selection #1 - Coq au vin $50

Pea tendril salad (GF)

with buttermilk dressing and fermented vegetables

Coq au vin (GF)

Chicken breast and leg slow cooked in a red wine sauce with mushrooms, bacon and pearl onions

Blueberry crumb cake

with crème Anglaise and mint

Selection #2 - Bacon wrapped tenderloin - $64

Wedge Salad

with tomato, cucumbers, goat cheese, walnuts and roasted pear dressing

Bacon wrapped tenderloin (GF)

with duchess potato, asparagus & mushroom ragout and truffle jus

Drunken cherry cheese cake

Selection #3 - Surf & Turf - $84

Fennel and Celery Salad

with pine nuts and organic honey dressing

Surf & Turf
8 oz sous vide flank steak and Nova Scotia lobster tail

with rosti potato, roasted heirloom vegetables

dulce de leche Flan

with fresh berries

Selection #4 - Lamb & scallops - $72

Baby leaf salad (GF)

with radishes, red onions, dried blue berries and white wine dressing

Sous vide Lamb rack and pan roasted scallop (GF)

with dauphinoise minted pea purée, honey roasted golden beets and jus

Lemon meringue pie


Roast mushroom and bib lettuce - $12 (GF)

with shaved Reggiano and chive dressing

Quinoa and roasted squash salad - $12 (GF)

with champagne dressing

Fennel and arugula salad - $12 (GF)

with shaved pear and blue cheese, white balsamic dressing

Chopped salad - $12

Iceberg lettuce, shaved carrot, cherry tomato, cucumber, asparagus and lemon-oregano dressing


Champagne and melon soup - $9 (GF)


Chorizo and corn chowder - $10 (GF)

Wild mushroom bisque - $11 (GF)

with truffle Reggiano croutons

Roasted Golden beet puree - $10 (GF)

with goat cheese cream


Pan roasted scallops - $23 (GF)

with bacon jam and truffle corn purée

Grilled quail - $17 (GF)

Marinated in pomegranate and balsamic with wild mushroom risotto

Confit duck - $18

with pumpkin gnocchi

Charred cauliflower, broccoli and Brussel sprouts - $15 (GF)

with white balsamic, toasted almonds and Reggiano


Wild boar pappardelle - $24

with forest mushroom ragout and Reggiano

Lamb sirloin Provencal - $36 (GF)

Sous vide lamb sirloin, with tomato, olives, lemon with white bean cassoulet and roast root vegetables

Hot smoked king salmon - $35 (GF)

with rosti potato, golden beet puree honey roasted baby carrots and horseradish cream

12oz baseball cut striploin - $49 (GF)

with buttermilk mashed potatoes, asparagus, torched blue cheese and brandy peppercorn sauce


Coconut cream pie - $12

with toasted coconut and fresh mint

Carrot cake - $12

with pineapple, raisins, toasted raisins and cream cheese icing

Blood orange mascarpone mousse - $14 (GF)

with fresh seasonal fruit and mint

Dark chocolate & sea salt pot au crème - $14 (GF)

with citrus shortbread

(GF) includes gluten-free and (V) indicates vegetarian (DF) dairy free option

Cold Selections

Goat cheese and mushroom bruschetta
$37 per dozen (V)

Vegetable and Thai basil rice paper roll
$35 per dozen (GF) (DF) (V) (Vegan)

Smoked salmon cucumber rolls - $40 per dozen (GF)

with dill cream cheese

Charred shrimp salad - $44 per dozen (GF)

with avocado and pickled chili

Soy stained tofu skewers - $35 per dozen (DF) (Vegan)

Smoked duck breast - $40 per dozen (GF)

with preserved peaches

Hot Selections

Nashville hot chicken sliders - $48 per dozen

with bread and butter pickles and slaw

Lamb meat balls - $48 per dozen

with tomato sauce and stuffed with ash goat cheese

Shrimp po boy - $50 per dozen

with malt aioli

Crispy portobello mushroom tacos - $45 per dozen (DF) (GF) (Vegan)

with Pico de Gallo and avocado

Mexican pit pig spring rolls - $43 per dozen (GF)

with lime and green onion crema

BBQ beef and blue cheese Mac and cheese bites
$45 per dozen

with chipotle ketchup

Staged Selections

Basque-style octopus stew - $90 per 24 (GF)

with chorizo, tomato, white wine and served with fresh bread

BBQ braised beef - $90 per 24

with mac and cheese

Italian sausage hoagies- $95 per 24

with marinara, onions, peppers and mushrooms

Chicken and leek flat bread - $85 per 24

with parmesan and garlic oil

Blue cheese and olive arancini - $47 per 24 (V)

with romesco sauce

Dessert Selections

Strawberry shortcake kebobs - $35 per dozen

Texas sheet cake - $28 per dozen

white and dark cake

Apple crumble parfaits - $35 per dozen

Mini coconut cream pies - $35 per dozen

Vantage has created three distinct reception menus to make it easy to impress everyone from the fine dining connoisseur to the most seasoned pub fare critic. Each station will have a chef preparing sumptuous food from the selected region with a $100 charge per chef at each station and a minimum one chef per station.

The Low Country - $28 per person

Shrimp and grits with taso gravy

Crawfish boil

with potatoes and corn


Fried chicken

with biscuits and white gravy

Vegetarian red rice and beans (GF)

(GF) (DF) (Vegan)

Buttermilk pie with pecans

Asian - $28 per person

Mushrooms spring rolls

with sweet and sour

(DF) (V)

Crispy ginger beef chow mein


Chicken egg foo yung (GF)

Salt and pepper shrimp

with scallion and chili served on jasmine rice


Leche panna cotta

(GF) (V)

Canadian - $28 per person

Carved peameal bacon sandwiches

Poutine (GF)

with cheese curds and chicken gravy


with house made ketchup

lobster mac and cheese

Maple butter tarts

All dinner buffets include a coffee and tea station.

Selection #1 - $48 per person

Chickpea Soup

Mixed greens salad

shredded cabbage, tomato, cucumber and herb dressing

Potato gnocchi

with blue cheese cream

Herbed polenta

with roasted root vegetable ragout

Sautéed greens

with garlic and olive oil

Veal parmesan

with Pomodoro sauce

Mussels, clams and bay scallops

with a white wine herb sauce served with fresh bread


Selection #2 - $50 per person

Crab chowder

corn and potato

Black bean and corn salad

cilantro dressing

Cobb salad platter

iceberg lettuce, bacon, blue cheese, egg, cucumber, tomato and ranch dressing

Warm farro and vegetable salad

with okra, onions and peppers

Chicken and dumplings

with a rich chicken and vegetable broth

Braised beef ribs

with okra and tomato beef sauce

Bourbon pecan pie

with whipped cream

Selection #3 - $65 per person

Leek and potato soup

Baby rocket salad

shaved asparagus, parmesan, toasted sunflower seeds and lemon vinaigrette

Kale salad

with avocado dressing, deep fried croutons

Green beans

with crushed almonds, goat cheese, roasted red peppers and sherry vinegar


with roasted Brussel sprouts, wild mushrooms and tomato gastrique

Prime rib

with Yorkshire pudding and jus

Raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake

New York style cheesecake with white chocolate chips, raspberry compote and fresh mint