Audio / Visual

Do you have a preferred Audio-Visual Company that you work with?

Yes, we have our own internal Audio Visual Company that is used on the premises called Vantage’s Multimedia Presentation.

Are we able to bring in our own Audio-Visual Company?

Our rooms are wired with modern technology which is designed to integrate with our technology. While we do not allow outside AV companies, you are welcome to provide your own projector.

Do you have the capabilities to do webcasting or videoconferencing?

Yes, Vantage’s Multimedia Presentations is able to provide webcasting or videoconferencing services. Our Audio Visual team will work with you to discuss your requirements for the right package for your event.

What webcasting platform is used?

We have designed our own, specialized, cost friendly platform. Our technicians are constantly developing the interface to adjust to our clients’ needs.

Is every room capable of videoconferencing?

Yes, with our portable HD videoconferencing units.

How large is your AV inventory?

Extensive equipment list, top-of-the-line

What if you don’t have it listed?

We can source almost anything!

Do you rent outside of your venue?

Absolutely, throughout the GTA.

What if my meeting is not at Vantage and the venue has poor internet service and I want to broadcast?

No problem, we have portable internet capabilities.

What type of tech support is available?

Throughout the day, every day.

Are In-room techs experienced?

Absolutely! Many years in the industry.

Do you offer video production capabilities?

Certainly, full production services.

Is video editing available?

Indeed, extensive editing services available.

How fast is your internet?

1Gbps ISP connectivity.

How fast is your complimentary WiFi?

2-4Mbps per user.

Is something better available?

Yes, premium internet access or private networks.

Do you provide IT support?

Yes, our techs are IT trained.

Food / Beverage

If we wish to customize menus are we able to do so? What are the additional charges incurred?

Yes, we can customize the menus for you.

Are you able to offer customized lunch options for dietary restrictions?

Yes, with the assistance of our Chef we are able to customize lunch menus for dietary restrictions. We do require the specific details for each restriction to provide the correct meal. This information is due to our Chef 2 business days prior to the meeting to confirm that we have necessary items.

Do you offer Halal meals?

Yes, our kitchen is able to provide Halal meals to guests for an additional charge. We do require notice 3 business days prior to the meeting.

When are the final numbers due?

Final numbers are due 4 business days (96 hours) prior to the meeting. Should the actual number of attendees be greater than the guaranteed number of attendees, Vantage will make every effort to accommodate the increase in food and beverage. The additional cost for the extra guests will be charged accordingly.

Are you a nut free facility?

No, we are not a nut free facility however please advise your Meeting Coordinator of any food related allergies and they will be accommodated.

Are we allowed to bring our own caterers and serve alcohol at this location? can we bring in food from outside?

No, we provide the food & beverage service fresh in-house.


Do you have a loading dock? Where is it located?

Yes, our loading dock is located on Pearl Street which can be accessed via York Street. Please bring all materials directly to the 27th floor with the following information on each box/bag: Name of function, Date of function and Room.

How early can we drop off our materials?

Materials can be delivered no earlier than 3 business days prior to the meeting.

When do you have to pick up any leftover materials?

All leftover materials must be picked up no later than 3 business day after the meeting. If you are unable to pick up your materials please make arrangements for a courier to come and pick them up or we could make arrangements for a courier to deliver to you for an additional charge.

When are we able to access the venue the morning of?

If you are starting your function at 8:00am access to the room starts at 6:30am. If you are starting later in the day please confirm with your Meeting Coordinator or at the time of booking.

Are we able to access the room the night prior?

At the time of booking if you know ahead that night prior access is required, please speak to the Sales Manager. If closer to the date access is required, please speak to the Meeting Coordinator as it will depend on availability. Additional charges may apply.

How do we direct our guests to the proper floor?

On your invitation please direct your guests to the floor of your main meeting room. If you guests arrive on our 27th floor our Client Services Staff will redirect them.

Do you have Hotel Rooms available?

No, but we can connect you and provide you with a special discount (One King Hotel / Le Germain)