Lazaridis MBA

For more than 18 years, the Lazaridis MBA and Vantage Venues have been partners in offering the prestigious Lazaridis MBA degree in a world-class setting in downtown Toronto.

The Lazaridis MBA is delivered part-time on alternating weekends. Candidates attend classes Friday night from 7pm to 9:30pm, and all day Saturday from 8:15am to 5:15pm. Sunday is free as well as the summer months of July and August.

This schedule allows candidates to pursue the MBA degree on a part-time basis, while enabling them to continue to pursue a fulfilling personal and professional life. It is the best part-time MBA schedule in all of Canada.

Each year more than 250 Lazaridis MBA candidates are enrolled in one of Wilfrid Laurier University´s six part-time programs at the Vantage Venues Campus. Laurier´s devotion to diversity is demonstrated with its equal proportions of both female and male candidates, who represent a wide variety of industry and experiential backgrounds as well as adding significantly to the enrichment of the Lazaridis MBA classroom experience.

Vantage Venues is home to five part-time alternate weekend Lazaridis MBA Degree program options. The comprehensive full-content MBA, the MBA with the CPA Designation, the double degree: The MBA and the Master of Finance, the Accelerated MBA for qualified candidates and the part-time alternate weekend Master of Finance degree. For more information please visit the Lazaridis MBA site and click under the DEGREES tab or click here to learn more about the Toronto MBA degree program.