Need a quick plug and present solution along with the peace of mind that only experienced technical specialists can provide?  We’ve got you covered.

Name the platform (ZoomMicrosoft TeamsGoogle MeetWebEx, BlueJeans) and seamlessly connect to anyone across the globe.

Learn more about our signature Peace of Mind package

The full benefits of ordering this package include:

  • Highly skilled techs with years of experience ensure seamless connectivity
  • Onsite technician support throughout your meeting (dedicated in-room techs available)
  • Enhanced sound fidelity in every corner of the room
  • Backup internet access and equipment
  • Extensive onsite inventory to serve any last minute requirements
  • Permanently installed monitors, projectors and sound systems for maximum reliability
  • Significant cost savings vs. ordering equipment and services separately

Peace Of Mind Package

The complicated A/V equipment requirements of modern meetings and events can add a great deal of stress and worry
for your organizers and presenters regardless of how familiar they are with what’s being used.

To give you the peace of mind that your meeting will not be unduly disrupted by hardware or software failures, Vantage Venues is pleased to offer our Peace Of Mind Package. Whether you are using your own equipment or equipment rented from us, the following services will guarantee that your meeting runs smoothly.

  • Pre-meeting testing of all A/V and IT equipment
  • Instructions and tips on optimal use of equipment
  • Technical support during the entire period of your meeting from our team
  • Technicians located onsite and ready to enter your room when requested
  • Backup replacement equipment in case of hardware failure
  • In the event of failure of client’s own equipment, the Peace of Mind Package ensures that we provide you with a replacement item at our standard rental rates

Vantage is happy to provide top-of-the-line audio and/or video technicians required for more comprehensive AV/IT presentations. These technicians:

  • are present for the entire duration of your event including breaks, with replacement technicians at no additional cost
  • optimize volume levels for each presenter
  • switch seamlessly between multiple PowerPoint files to minimize distraction to the audience (basic switcher complimentary; seamless available on request at standard rates)
  • play custom complimentary background music during breaks at appropriate sound levels
  • assist with any other requirements you might have

Tech Rate – $75 / hour (minimum 5 hours)

Peace Of Mind Packages

S5, S6, M1, L5, L6, F3, F4, F5, E2, E3 $100.00/day
L1, L3, L4, S2, S3/4, C2, G3, G4, F2, E1 $150.00/day
S7, L2, G1, G2, F1 $175.00/day
S1, C1, Main Dining Room & Garden Hall $200.00/day