Vantage has built its reputation on offering great venue spaces in the heart of Toronto combined with exceptional food and beverage services.

Our philosophy is simple, when done right, it will make meetings more productive and special events more memorable. Led by our Executive Chef, Kyle McClure, we strive to offer a wide variety of delicious yet sophisticated culinary fare that is both healthy and something to spark conversation.

With onsite kitchens on both our 16th and 27th floors, we do not recruit outside caterers. We carefully prepare all of our cuisine for any conference or reception in-house from only the freshest of ingredients.

With breakfast, lunch and evening menus designed to suit your every need or dietary restriction, our knowledgeable coordinators are available to help you select the culinary option that works best for your group’s preferences. Alternatively, we will work with you to prepare a wholly custom menu.


In 2016, Sous Chef Barrington Graham and Pastry Chef Alexsandra Lalonde competed in the Canadian Copper Skillet Competition, hosted by the International Association of Conference Centres (IAAC) www.iacconline.org, with Chef Graham winning in the Senior Category and Chef Lalonde taking the Junior Category.

In the competition, the participating chefs were presented with basic pantry items along with a ‘mystery basket’ of different proteins. They were then given 30 minutes to prepare, create and present their creations to judges. For more information on the IAAC Canadian Copper Skillet, view the press release

Chef Graham then went on to win in the Americas Copper Skillet in Arizona, with chefs competing from across the continent, later that year, followed by the 12th Global Copper Skillet Competition in New York City where he faced off against IAAC members from the Americas, Australia, Asia and Europe to become the global champion for 2016!

Executive Chef Kyle McClure speaks for all of Barry’s and Alex’s colleagues when he says, “We are so very proud of the way Alex and Barry have represented the quality execution of the exceptional culinary team here at Vantage. Their victories are a testament to our dedication to preparing the best possible cuisine each and every day.”