In stride with the rest of our culinary offerings, we make all of our lunch menu items in our onsite kitchens every day from fresh ingredients. As well, we provide a variety of options to accommodate any style of midday reception, whether it requires plated lunches or a buffet.

All prices quoted are per person and are subject to change without notice. As well, they are subject to HST and 18% function administration fee.

Plated service is available in the Main Dining Room, the Conservatory Lounge and smaller dining rooms, provided it has been reserved in advance. The following menus are served on fine bone china by our senior wait staff and all include a selection of coffees and teas as well as assorted breads and butter. We offer you the option of wine service anytime past noon in our licensed dining rooms.

(GF) Gluten Free  /  (DF) Dairy Free  /  (V) Vegetarian  / (Vegan) Vegan

PL1 – Chicken Supreme wrapped with Parma ham and basil $48

Caprese Salad (GF)

with bocconcini, basil and Niagara-Region balsamic

Chicken Supreme

wrapped with Parma ham and basil

pan jus and tomato jam (GF)


PL2 – Roasted Salmon $53

Mixed green salad (GF)

with dried fruit and wild Ontario honey dressing (GF)(Vegan)

Roasted Salmon (GF)

with saffron rice, roasted fennel and smoked tomato broth

Orange Crème brulée

served with fresh berries

PL3 – Sous vide Canadian beef striploin $55

Kale Caesar (GF)

with hickory sticks and garlic dressing (GF) (Vegan)

Sous vide beef striploin (GF)

with mashed potato, glazed carrots and house-made peppercorn sauce

Chocolate cake

with strawberry and cardamom compote

The boxed sandwich lunch is available in boxes and is individually wrapped

(GF) Gluten Free  /  (DF) Dairy Free  /  (V) Vegetarian  /  (Vegan) Vegan

HC1 – Boxed Sandwich Lunch $33

Available in boxes and individually wrapped

    Classic tuna salad

    with house-made lemon herb dressing


    with Kozlik's smoked mustard and house-fermented kosher dills

    Smoked turkey

    with brie, tomato, lettuce, and house-made pesto aioli

    Curry chickpea wrap

    carrot, red onions and apple

    Green Salad (V)

    red cabbage, carrots, tomato, cumber with balsamic dressing

    Pasta Salad (V)

    with sundried tomato and house-made black olive dressing

    Assorted Brownies

Vantage venues reduced lunch menus

Vantage Venues buffet lunches can be served either at your tables with servers offering French service 2nds.
Or we can serve your lunch by offering the individual salads pre wrapped and servers serving your entrée.

Our daily buffet features a separate menu for each day of the week, each with a hot entrée and two salads. Advance notice is required.

$35.00 with dessert

$29.00 without dessert

The buffet may be ordered with or without the optional dessert, and we will gladly provide a vegetarian alternative or specialty plate for those with dietary restrictions upon request at no additional charge.

(GF) Gluten Free  /  (DF) Dairy Free  /  (V) Vegetarian  /  (Vegan) Vegan

Churrasco Chicken

Churrasco Chicken (GF)

with chilies, garlic, sweet honey glaze

Dirty Rice( GF)(Vegan)

with tomato, vegetables, fresh herbs

Garlic Fried Rapini (GF)(Vegan)

with garlic and white wine

Tomato and Red Onion Salad (GF)(Vegan)

black olives, fried capers, red wine dressing

Mixed Green Salad (GF)(Vegan)

shredded red cabbage, carrot, cherry tomato, white Niagara-Region balsamic dressing

Assorted Brownies

Fresh Fruit Platter

Chicago-style Italian Slow-cooked Beef Buffet

Chicago-style Italian Beef (GF)

with jus and giardiniera

Braised Potatoes (GF) (Vegan)

with lemon and fresh herbs

Roasted Sweet Peppers (GF)(Vegan)

with onions and mushrooms

Kale salad (GF)(VEGAN)

with hickory sticks and house-made garlic dressing

Mixed Green Salad (GF) (Vegan)

with dried fruit and wild Ontario honey dressing

Vantage Venues Signature Chocolate Cheesecake

Fresh Fruit Platter

Roasted Salmon Buffet

Roasted Salmon (GF)

with beurre blanc

Smashed baby potato (GF)

with butter, garlic and dill

Honey Glazed carrots (GF) (Vegan)

Cucumber Salad (GF)

with yogurt dill dressing

Mixed Green Salad (GF) (VEGAN)

with cherry tomato, shredded cabbage, house-made herb dressing

Assorted panna cotta

Fresh Fruit Platter