WITH State-of-the-art equipment


When the power of creativity collaborates with the latest in high-tech audio-visual production, your meeting engagement reaches new levels. Vivid imagery meets resonant sound, crafting experiences that resonate with audiences on a profound level.

Here at Vantage, we believe in pushing the envelope of what is possible. Our team of seasoned professionals are consistently at the forefront of emerging technology, from ultra high-definition video production to immersive audio technology. We aim to transport your  audiences to new worlds, transcending the realm of traditional storytelling.

LED wall

Interactive Stage

Engaging your audience, locally and virtually, has never been easier with the plethora of technologies available nowadays. From video walls to multiple displays and sophisticated visuals routing, the team at Vantage has you covered.

Custom BackdropS

Looking for something more captivating than a plain wall as your backdrop? Allow our creative technical team to design the ideal backdrop for your event, offering options such as plexi panels, mesh patterns, sintra panels, and a multitude of drape colors.

advanced tech productions


Our advanced video routing solutions not only ensure the highest quality output but also significantly enhance workflow efficiency. By simplifying the process of signal management, you have the power to control and distribute video signals effortlessly, with unprecedented flexibility and precision.



Whether you require live streaming for an international conference, real-time broadcasting for a proxy vote AGM, or on-demand broadcasting for a new series, we’ve got you covered. Our extensive suite of broadcasting solutions is designed to cater to a diverse range of needs. We assure you of reliable, secure, and high-performance broadcasts, regardless of the size or scale of your project.


Hybrid conferences harness the potential of in-person interaction and the global reach of virtual platforms. Whether your audience is present physically in an auditorium or virtually from the other side of the globe, our solutions ensure everyone can participate fully and effectively. We are committed to delivering high-quality audio-visual content, no matter where your attendees are.

Professional video mixing

For complex events requiring sophisticated branding and lower thirds, our team of experts will build a professional curated look that will wow any audience. For hybrid events, we can easily connect your presenters via vMix Call, bringing them directly into the production suite, all included at no additional cost with any of our advanced tech production packages.


All event recordings are edited to ensure professional results. Multi-camera shots are mixed carefully to create an exciting final product. From colour correction to audio enhancements, music soundtracks to pro file delivery (ProRes, BlackMagic RAW, H264, HEVC), and small to large projects, the editing department at Vantage has you covered.

Video production

Pre-recorded videos are a great way to deliver a polished presentation to online audiences. In addition to removing the stress some presenters associate with a live production, huge savings can be achieved for multi-language events. Your bilingual presenters can record multiple versions that can be played back simultaneously to online attendees, and switching from English to French is as easy as clicking/tapping on a tab. This is complimentary with our in-house developed portal platform.

Lighting & Staging

Nothing is more important to a video production than proper lighting. We’ve gone to great lengths to develop proper lighting techniques that won’t break your budget. From traditional fresnels to variable colour and temperature LED’s, the Vantage inventory has you covered.

Advanced tech productions require professional techs! The Vantage AV team has been producing high profile, professional webcasts, webinars, hybrid and virtual events for over 10 years across the GTA.  

for a stress-free tech experience

Peace Of Mind Technology Support

As event technology gets more and more and complicated, leave all those hassles behind. You will never have to contact a third-party supplier for any of your technology needs. We store all equipment onsite, and our team of experienced technicians will complete all necessary setups prior to your event. This includes audio-visual productions, hybrid meetings, webcastingaudio conferencingvideo conferencing, and any form of private or group network. We also remain on standby throughout the course of the event. Guaranteed professional results with our advanced tech productions.

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