Hybrid Meetings

Maximize Collaboration and Drive Engagement

Bring physical and virtual audiences together into one live, safe, collaborative event. Whether you are planning a meeting, AGM, conference, training session or more, with over 10 years’ experience in designing hybrid meetings and webcasts, our Hybrid Tech Specialists will be with you every step of the way. While we have researched and tested a range of Hybrid Meeting options with state-of-the-art equipment, we understand your event is unique and can work with you to customize the right solution in a safely designed, inspiring space.

hybrid meetings

Hybrid Meeting Command

We hear you loud and clear. It’s not easy to plan a meeting in this new hybrid world. The costs add up quickly and all the extra equipment needed to pull off a quality hybrid event can get in the way, look unsightly, and lower your in-room capacities. At Vantage, we do things differently. Our innovative, and permanent Hybrid Meeting Command Centre allows us to centralize equipment and techs and easily connect to our already wired rooms and your virtual attendees, regardless of their global locations.  

Command Centre AdVantages:

High quality hybrid meetings.

Significantly enhanced room appearance and available space for your attendees to spread out.

Considerably more flexibility around rehearsal times for your presenters.

Affordable Hybrid solutions rooted in breakthrough efficiencies.

Hybrid Packages

Basic Plug &
Present +Hybrid

Basic Plug & Present Hybrid

Includes all the hardware you need to connect, present, and collaborate remotely with support from our in-house tech team. Suitable for a wide range of meetings, training sessions and seminars.


Intermediate Hybrid

Step up the engagement with a mini production. Hybrid tech specialists, rehearsal time for presenters, proper lighting, and broadcast equipment ensure virtual attendees don’t miss out on any of the in room action. 


Advanced Hybrid

Lighting, camera, action! When you need to bring in-person and virtual attendees and speakers together with a high level of engagement, you need interactive tools, including your own branded interactive event portal, top-notch equipment, and techs.


Full Production Hybrid

Complex setups with immersive presentations on our interactive stage with endless virtual backdrops, limited only by your imagination. Perfect for when you need a professional level production with multiple cameras, lights, and highly experienced techs.

Package Breakdown

Basic Plug &
Present +Hybrid
Advanced Hybrid
Full Production

Laser Projector and ceiling mounted screen.

Video app laptop with integrated camera and Zoom, Teams and Google Meets apps.

Built in sound system

Hard wired internet connection

Digital speaker phone with wireless ext mic pods

PTZ HD camera

Tech set up and support

Handheld mics

Lav mics

Audio Console

Production Laptops

Content Advancers

Comfort Monitors



Visuals Switching

HD Camera


HD Encoders


Drape Backdrop


Remote Presenters Green RM

Production Management

Audio Engineer

Camera Operator


Broadcast Operator

Green Room Operator


Event Manager

Full Rehearsal

HD Recorders

Record Tech

Custom Online Portal

Indefinite Portal Access

Custom Backdrop (Green Screen, Plexi, etc.)

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Our expert hybrid tech team can work with you to customize the solution that’s right for you.

Video Production

Create professionally recorded video content for in- person, hybrid or virtual events in our on-site video production studio. 

Pre-recorded videos are a great way to deliver a polished presentation to online audiences. In addition to removing the stress some presenters associate with a live production, huge savings can be achieved for multi-language events. Your bilingual presenters can record multiple versions that can be played back simultaneously to online guests, and switching from English to French is as easy as clicking a tab. We provide this complimentary with our in-house developed portal platform.

Video Camera

Our Studio

Editing Services

Video editing


Capture your hybrid meeting or event and create content that can live on and be shared. Multi-camera shots are mixed carefully to create an exciting final product. From colour correction to audio enhancements, music soundtracks to pro file delivery (ProRes, BlackMagic RAW, H264, HEVC), or small to large projects, the editing department at Vantage has you covered.


Does your event require a user-friendly, branded, secure, and cost-effective virtual platform such as our own in-house developed solution or do you require a complex all-in-one event management platform? BYOL (bring your own license) or let us handle all licensing requirements and back-end management. We can help you choose the right platform for your virtual or hybrid event.

Virtual Platform

Virtual Platforms