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Lob – The Ultimate
Team Building Venue

Vantage Venues is thrilled to have partnered with Game Son Ltd., to bring you Toronto’s hottest game concept and team building venue. Lob, a unique team building experience, is designed for groups of varying athletic ability and personalities to play together. With an emphasis on community, you’ll find fresh, locally sourced food and beverage with some unique menu items that’ll have your team reminiscing about the food and the game for months.

Sure, there are other cool places you can go in Toronto, but are you really team building and breaking down the barriers that hold you back from next level creativity and innovation? Think of where you’ve taken your team in the past. Places where there are so many games and activities that everyone spends the majority of the evening apart. What about the venues with really cool games that not everyone can play? Or worse, those who aren’t very coordinated just get crushed by the most athletic in the group.

The beauty of Lob is it is the only game that anyone on your team can play and have success with, but it will always remain challenging! This translates into a great time for everyone, whether they are the competitor, the social butterfly, the trickster, the strategist or the foodie in your group. If you can throw, you can Lob!

Say goodbye to awkward team building events with forced conversations. There is something special that happens at Lob when you play through the course together with a drink in hand (zero proof included). It’s a highly social game that has the tendency to bring out parts of peoples personalities you don’t always get to see in a more formal setting like the physical or virtual office. Plato said it best, “you learn more about a person in an hour of play, than in a year of conversation”.

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